Setlist for 2002-03-29

Corner Hotel, Melbourne AU 2002-03-29

Main Set

  1. Nothing To Do With Me
          (a.k.a. Moonflies (or Chris Morris))
  2. Percolator
          (a.k.a. Take 5 and a half)
  3. Captain Easychord
  4. Blips Drips And Strips
          (a.k.a. Emil)
  5. Baby Lulu
  6. Cybele's Reverie
  7. Gus The Mynah Bird
  8. Parsec
          (a.k.a. Brasillien Reich (or Brazil))
  9. Double Rocker
          (a.k.a. Wigglin' Worms)
  10. French Disko
  11. Bons Bons Des Raisons, Les
          (a.k.a. Auntie Sheila)
  12. Encore 1

  13. Black Arts, The
  14. Come And Play In The Milky Night
          (a.k.a. HB)
  15. Metronomic Underground
          (a.k.a. Chrome Tubby)
  16. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
          (a.k.a. Ono)

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