Setlist for 1999-12-02

Bluebird Theater, Denver US 1999-12-02

Main Set

  1. Miss Modular
  2. Infinity Girl
          (a.k.a. Faust)
  3. Escape Pod
          (a.k.a. Heavy Munich)
  4. Free Design, The
          (a.k.a. Archie)
  5. Op Hop Detonation
          (a.k.a. Buggy Boo)
  6. Metronomic Underground
          (a.k.a. Chrome Tubby)
  7. Puncture In The Radax Permutation
          (a.k.a. Moody)
  8. Blips Drips And Strips
          (a.k.a. Emil)
  9. Analogue Rock
  10. Blue Milk
          (a.k.a. Piano Mode)
  11. Seeming and the Meaning, The
          (a.k.a. S & M)
  12. Encore 1

  13. Des Etoiles Electroniques
  14. Tone Burst
          (a.k.a. Captain Beefheart)
  15. John Cage Bubblegum

Concert Poster

Actual Setlist