Setlist for 1999-09-19

Paradiso, Amsterdam NL 1999-09-19

Main Set

  1. Miss Modular
  2. Escape Pod
          (a.k.a. Heavy Munich)
  3. Free Design, The
          (a.k.a. Archie)
  4. Op Hop Detonation
          (a.k.a. Buggy Boo)
  5. Metronomic Underground
          (a.k.a. Chrome Tubby)
  6. Spiracles, The
          (a.k.a. Morricone)
  7. Blips Drips And Strips
          (a.k.a. Emil)
  8. Analogue Rock
  9. People Do It All The Time
          (a.k.a. Amalgamated)
  10. Blue Milk
          (a.k.a. Piano Mode)
  11. Seeming and the Meaning, The
          (a.k.a. S & M)
  12. Encore 1

  13. unknown
  14. Rainbo Conversation
          (a.k.a. Marigold)
  15. Super-Electric
          (a.k.a. The Olympic One)

Concert Photos