Setlist for 2002-03-17

UCLA - Royce Hall, Los Angeles US 2002-03-17

Main Set

  1. Come And Play In The Milky Night
          (a.k.a. HB)
  2. Yper-Sound, Les
          (a.k.a. Glass Pop)
  3. Captain Easychord
  4. Cybele's Reverie
  5. French Disko
  6. Parsec
          (a.k.a. Brasillien Reich (or Brazil))
  7. Baby Lulu
  8. Emperor Tomato Ketchup
          (a.k.a. Ono)
  9. Ping Pong
  10. John Cage Bubblegum
  11. Bons Bons Des Raisons, Les
          (a.k.a. Auntie Sheila)