1996 Tour Dates

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1996-02-27 UK: Reading Alley Cat

1996-02-28 UK: Oxford Zodiac

1996-02-29 UK: Exeter Lemon Grove

1996-03-02 UK: Gloucester Guildhall

concert review
1996-03-03 UK: Bristol Trinity

1996-03-04 UK: Cardiff University Terminal

1996-03-06 IE: Cork ?

1996-03-07 UK: Belfast ?

1996-03-08 IE: Dublin Olympia Theatre

1996-03-10 UK: Glasgow Garage

1996-03-11 UK: Nottingham Clinton Rooms

1996-03-12 UK: Manchester MDH

1996-03-13 UK: Bradford University

1996-03-14 UK: London Forum
Tortoise, Broadcast

1996-03-21 FR: Paris Zenith
Sonic Youth

1996-03-22 FR: Angers Chabada

1996-03-23 FR: Angouleme La Nef

1996-03-25 FR: Limoges ?

1996-03-27 ES: Barcelona Bikini

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1996-03-29 CH: Chaud de Fonds Bikini Test

1996-03-30 CH: Vevey Rocking Chair

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1996-04-02 CH: Zurich Volkshaus
Sonic Youth

1996-04-03 DE: Munich Muffathalle
Sonic Youth

1996-04-04 AT: Vienna Messepalast
Sonic Youth

1996-04-05 CS: Prague Sky Club
Sonic Youth

1996-04-06 DE: Marburg kfz

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1996-04-07 DE: Dusselfdorf? ?
uncertain if this gig took place
1996-04-08 DE: Berlin Huxleys
Sonic Youth

1996-04-09 DE: Hamburg Docks
Sonic Youth

1996-04-10 DE: Frankfurt Neu Isentl
Sonic Youth

1996-04-11 BE: Gent Democrazy
Dour Festival
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1996-04-18 JP: Osaka Sinnsaibashi
Club Quattro

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1996-04-19 JP: Tokyo Sibuya
Club Quattro

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1996-04-20 JP: Tokyo Sibuya
Club Quattro

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1996-04-25 US: Fullerton, CA, California State

1996-04-26 US: San Diego, CA, Brick by Brick
Track Star

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1996-04-27 US: Pomona, CA, Glass House

1996-04-28 US: West Hollywood, CA, Troubadour

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1996-04-29 US: West Hollywood, CA, Troubadour

1996-04-30 US: San Francisco, CA, Great American
Music Hall

1996-05-02 US: Portland, OR, La Luna

1996-05-03 US: Bellingham, WA, Western

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1996-05-04 CA: Vancouver Commodore Ballroom
Sloan, Pure,

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1996-05-05 US: Seattle, WA, Moe's
Prolapse, Jessamine

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1996-05-08 US: Minneapolis, MN, First Avenue

scanned setlist
1996-05-09 US: Madison, WI, Paramount
Music Hall

1996-05-10 US: Chicago, IL, Metro
Tel Aviv

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1996-05-11 US: Cincinnati, OH, Sudsy Malones

1996-05-12 US: Detroit, MI, St. Andrews Hall

1996-05-14 CA: Toronto Lees Place

1996-05-15 CA: Montreal Cabaret

1996-05-17 US: Providence, RI, Lupos
Heartbreak Hotel

scanned setlist
1996-05-18 US: Philadelphia, PA, Trocadero

1996-05-20 US: New York, NY, Irving Plaza

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1996-05-21 US: New York, NY, Irving Plaza

1996-05-22 US: Chapl Hill, NC, Record Exchange
In-store appearance.
concert poster bootleg video
1996-05-22 US: Carrboro, NC, Cats Cradle
King Kong, Ui

concert poster scanned setlist bootleg video
1996-05-23 US: Atlanta, GA, Cotton Club

scanned setlist
1996-05-24 US: Washington, DC, 9.30 Club

scanned setlist concert review
1996-05-25 US: Hoboken, NJ, Maxwells

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1996-05-26 US: Boston, MA, Mama Kin

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1996-05-30 UK: London Garage, Highbury
Secret gig - band played under the name "Soop."
scanned setlist
1996-06-11 UK: London Later with Jools Holland
ZZ Top, Bluetones, Bo Diddley, Nigel Kennedy, Bert Jansch, Altan

scanned setlist bootleg video
1996-07-05 DE: Frankfurt University

1996-07-06 DE: Hamburg Markthalle

1996-07-07 DE: Cologne Live Music Hall

1996-07-14 BE: Dour Dour Festival La Plaine de La Machine Feu

1996-07-19 UK: Stratford-Upon-Avon Phoenix Music Festival
The groop performance of Percolator at this event is featured on this LP
1996-07-26 SE: Stockholm Lollipop Festival

1996-08-17 UK: Chelmsford Hylands Park
V96 Festival
1996-08-18 UK: Warrington Victoria Park
V96 Festival
1996-08-20 UK: London Wag Club
Secret gig, billed as "Soop"
1996-08-23 NL: Biddinghuizen Lowlands Festival

1996-08-24 DE: Bremen Schlachthof

1996-09-06 GR: Thessaloniki Mylos Club

1996-09-07 GR: Athens Rodon Club

1996-10-04 DE: Bielefeld Kamp

1996-10-05 DE: Hannover Bad

1996-10-06 DE: Dresden Star Club

1996-10-08 DE: Leipzig Conne Island

1996-10-09 DE: Wursenburg AKW

1996-10-10 DE: Regensburg Alte Malzerei

1996-10-11 DE: Freiburg Crash

1996-10-12 DE: Karlsruhe Subway

1996-10-13 DE: Munich Muffathalle

1996-10-14 DE: Dusseldorf Malkasten

scanned setlist
1996-10-24 US: New York, NY, Loeb Student
Union, NYU

1996-10-25 US: Annandale, NY, Bard College

1996-10-26 US: Louisvile, KY, Phoenix Hill Tavern

1996-10-27 US: Lawrence, KS, Granada

1996-10-28 US: Boulder, CO, Fox Theater
Ui and DJ Spooky

concert poster
1996-10-29 US: Albuquerque, NM, Dingo Bar

1996-10-31 US: Austin, TX, Liberty Lunch
Opened w/a "Halloween" jam, and opened encore with "Happy Birthday Mary."
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1996-11-01 US: Dallas, TX, Trees

scanned setlist
1996-11-02 US: Houston, TX, Fitzgeralds
Ui and DJ Spooky

concert poster scanned setlist
1996-11-03 US: New Orleans, LA, House of Blues

scanned setlist
1996-11-05 US: St. Lous, MO, The Galaxy

1996-11-06 US: Columbia, MO, Blue Note
Ui and DJ Spooky
soundchecked with stomach worm and soop groove #1
scanned setlist bootleg video
1996-11-07 US: Iowa City, IA, Gabes Oasis

1996-11-08 US: Grinnell, IA, Harris Center
Concert Hall

1996-11-10 US: Grand Rapids, MI, Reptile House

1996-11-11 US: Oberlin, OH, Finney Chapel

scanned setlist
1996-11-12 US: Stony Brook, NY, Union Ballroom
Ui onstage for Soop Groove
bootleg video
1996-11-12 US: Washington, NY, Black Cat

bootleg video
1996-11-13 US: New York, NY, Westbeth Theatre
Blonde Redhead,
Run On
WFMU Benefit
concert poster scanned setlist
1996-11-19 UK: Brighton Zap Club

concert review
1996-11-20 UK: London Kilburn
National Ballroom

Broadcast, Squarepusher

1996-11-21 UK: Cardiff University

1996-11-23 UK: Liverpool Lomax

1996-11-24 UK: Glasgow Renfrew Ferry
Performed on an actual ferry boat.
scanned setlist
1996-11-25 UK: Leeds Metropolitan

1996-11-26 UK: Oxford Zodiac